Radian R&D

Engineering Services

I've been a mechanical design engineer for seven years now, working with several different robotics platforms, medical devices, and a rocket launch pad. I currently support a few product lines and teams, including a humanoid robot and an early detection diagnostic machine. I don't have room for any new large contracts at the moment, but could refer you to some that have capacity.

Open Source

While providing mechanical design and analysis services on a continual basis, I am creating a co-editable collection of free-use tools and information targeted at anything R&D. bb.rad.cm is a forum and wiki I host with budding content in mechanical design, systems engineering, and firmware development.


I try to inject art into untouched areas of hardware design. I am creating and curating a collection of functional and customizable designs for use in R&D. This includes PowerPoint templates, DWG templates, icons, decals, labels, and more. I'm committed to open-sourcing as much digital artwork as possible, while piloting a series of physical goods for sale. Stay tuned!